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X231: Comodo enters the café to get himself something warm to drink; he had seen Drake come this way but had lost sight of him. The battle in the forest had left him feeling more whole inside, the feeling that at least he was not moping in an unfamiliar place. However, he has no currency to pay for his desired drink. He had only been able to stay the night at the inn out of the sympathy of the owners, since they had thought he wasn’t quote right in the head, owing to his strange customs. After taking a seat, his helmet de-materializes and he looks around for Drake. He takes a look at the meter
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Divider II by RBSRdesigns

:bulletyellow:Name: Drake Eshan

:bulletyellow:Age: 21

:bulletyellow:Race/Species: Dragonborn/Human hybrid

:bulletyellow:Gender: Male

:bulletpurple:Physical Appearance: Because of hybrid birth- Pale skin, human face, lower body-human; however upper body and arms-grey dragon scale.


Hair Colour: Black, short


Height: 6’4”


Eyes: Blue


Weight: 210lbs


Clothing: Black long-sleeved shirt, black leather chaps, black leather belt, black boots, and a black long cloak and hood.


Armour: Chain-mail vest, Dark Steel Gauntlets, Dark Steel Barbute helm, Dark Steel Sabatons and Greaves.

:bulletpurple:Personality: A strong leader and a capable young man, who is as just and fair with his friends as he is with his foes. Though seemingly loyal to his empress, he uses both strength and intelligent thought to solve problems; but at times can be found doubting the power of the Dragonborn, a trait almost certainly deadly to have. When confronting strangers or even minor enemies of the realm, he will give them the benefit of the doubt before rushing into conflict, assessing the nature of their intentions. Both friend and foe will find this young man honourable and noble; always quick to try diplomacy instead of risking an unnecessary conflict.

:bulletpurple:History: Born from the joining of a human woman and a Dragonborn male noble, Drake received a great privilege growing up in the main city of the Draconis Empire; Seshar. By the time he was ten, he discovered both his Draconian and Human features, and though he was not as fast as normal dragonborn in their teens, he was just as strong. One lower quarter of the city was inhabited by humans aligned to the Dragonborn and it was here that Drake made friends, not among the sons and daughters of “pure-blood” nobles and warriors. Drake quickly rose to lead a group of young human boys and there were times when they came into conflict with pure-bloods. It was never really the humans who started it, more that their counterparts of the nobility came down to test the mettle of the humans and it was in street fights that the pure-bloods would realise their mistakes. As Drake had been taught the routes of the quarter, so too did he use his natural cunning and intelligence which all Dragonborn possessed to ambush the pure-bloods.


There was however one time when he was walking home, within only a few metres of his father’s house, that he found himself attacked by several pure-bloods, backed by their parent. Drake’s father Balasar rushed out when he heard the cries of his son, finding him curled on the floor under an onslaught of fists and kicks. Furious, Balasar set upon the intruders before challenging the other noble to a duel. The two met the next day, in public and made the terms of first blood wins, but on the condition of neither using a weapon. Both fought for hours until Balasar’s opponent did the unspeakable; he dared to cheat. Picking up a stray rock, he smashed Drake’s father in the mouth, knocking a fang loose and sending Balasar to the floor. None but Balasar had seen the rock and so, sure of his victory, his opponent advanced on him. But before any could act, Drake flung himself upon the treacherous reptile, stabbing him in the hand with a splinter of wood and revealing the rock. Balasar followed and, taking his fallen fang, slashed the noble’s left eye. The duel finished, the noble and his family were banished.


A year later, Balasar signed his son into the military, believing it was time for him to follow in his father’s footsteps. For three years Drake was trained, alongside both humans, hybrids like himself, and pure-bloods. Training consisted of mastery in unarmed combat, in field dressing and poultices, in tracking and finally in weapon mastery. Once finished, the new soldiers were sent out on campaign for four years, taking part in patrolling the borders and scouring the deserts and mountains of the empire’s outer most lands of bandits. When Drake returned home he quickly went to enlist in training to become one of the most honoured classes of the army; the Rangers. These elites were only second to the royal guard and Drake rose through the ranks to becoming a captain of a small band of warriors and rangers, all hybrids like himself, all trusting him as a great leader and would gladly follow him anywhere. Drake was brought before the leader of the empire, Empress Arala and it was here he made a sacred oath before the god Bahamut to uphold honour, to never show doubt or cowardice, and to fight fairly even in the face of the enemy; showing respect and courtesy. He also swore to protect the Draconis Empire and all within it against any who sought to destroy their land. When this ceremony was complete, Drake received his Ranger’s cloak, a golden dragon emblazoned on the back, and his armour too.


Drake’s father and mother had been present until the end, leaving him and his comrades to feast after congratulating him. Drake had left early with some friends and arrived home to find it breached and part of it aflame. Leaving two of his comrades to watch for any intruders wishing to escape, he entered with three of his band and they immediately came upon four intruders. They were Kobolds, a species of lesser-dragon origin. Enraged, Drake set about them, brutally cutting down all of them before his comrades had so much as a chance to draw their own swords. Drake had then rushed upstairs to find his mother, shit with an arrow, lying dead in his father’s arms. His father was close to death, run through with a spear, but he lived long enough to inform his son that this was the doing of the exile from all those years back and that before he died; he wanted his son to know how proud he was to have spawned such a noble son who would do great things. Overcome by grief, Drake set out to track down the exile, accompanied by his entire command of Rangers. It took a whole year to scour the land for their quarry but they finally found him, hiding in the northern mountains with his three sons and a hired force of human soldiers. With but one entry, the only way was a frontal assault, so leaving his comrades to deal with the humans, Drake faced off against all four of the exiles. Drake felled the first son to come at him with a deft blow from his sword, and despatched the second with but a parry and a thrust.


The others came at him and soon had him reeling. Drake received numerous cuts and gashes but never faltered. Just after he had run the third son through, the father back handed him and sent him flying. The exile gloated about how he had killed his parents and that soon he would be joining them. Drake suddenly became filled with rage and hatred, his world turning red as he was momentarily consumed by Dragonborn Fury; an ability within every Dragonborn no matter how pure their blood was. The fury allowed any to shrug off many wounds and replace any concentration or strategy with an onslaught of rage and unstoppable force. With renewed efforts Drake slashed wildly, taking off the last son’s head before turning to the father. Issuing an almighty cry, Drake raised his blade with both hands, determined to smite his foe. The exile brought up the flat of his sword to stop the blow, but fuelled by the fury within him, Drake’s sword overcame even his opponent’s blade, breaking it in two, and cleaving the exile in half. As the fury evaporated, Drake strode out to meet his comrades, who had wiped out the humans, his family honour restored and his parents avenged.


Unfortunately, the sudden departure of the new Rangers had led Empress Arala to believe that they had gone rogue and deserted their duties. She had issued a proclamation, outlawing Drake’s band and stripping them of their position as elite troops of the empire. But none of this brought concern to Drake, his comrades and warriors would follow him anywhere willingly, and they had accompanied him out of honour and friendship. These days, the young captain can be found wandering the lands at the head of two score Rangers, always on the look out for evil doers and the unjust, where good and honour and justice can be built from the ashes.

 :bulletred:Strengths: Strong, agile, cunning, intelligent and excellent with strategy and tactics. Excels in archery, hand-to-hand combat, and weapon mastery.

In Battle: True to the Dragonborn nature, when facing an independent character, will issue a challenge of an honourable duel.

However, when against a brutal foe, ambush tactics are used by the entire detachment.

:bulletred:Weaknesses: Fear of Spiders.

Disadvantage, that Dragonborn honour can be taken advantage of by dishonourable foes.

:bulletred:Weapons: Long Sword, Short Sword, Boot Knife, Re-curve Bow and arrows, Magical Round Shield (standard issue of all Rangers) made from Dragon-Scale; Fire Proof.

:bulletred:Abilities/Skills Above Average: Skilled Swordsman and Archer, good tracker, born leader, field dressing and poultice making.

:bulletblack:Rank: Military Guild: Warrior and Weapon Master.


:bulletblack:Sample Post: (In the game): Would be found seeking out any evil or enemy that shows brutality to the weak. Drake and his men are not mercenaries but open to hired work; however in any case their strict code of honour and duty will always lead their decisions.


United Kingdom


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